Refinance / Equity Release

Gain flexibility, improve cash flow with commercial property refinancing and equity release

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Refinance / Equity Release


Wide range of options

Loans from $200k to $20M, 1 week to 1 year. Funded in as little as 48 hours.

Release equity

Refinance a loan for better terms and interest rates or cash out your equity.

Fast, transparent non-bank lending

Access property and development finance through top-tier non-bank lenders.

Tailored finance options

Flexible finance options that won’t tie you down.

Benefits of refinancing a commercial property loan

Cheaper interest rates
Cheaper rates are often available but can be challenging to negotiate, as banks and lenders often don’t advertise their commercial rates. The strength of your application can influence a lower rate, so it’s important you present a solid case that provides all the necessary financials to take advantage of the competitive market. Our expert finance team is on hand to help position your application for the best rate possible.

Flexible repayments/ pay the off loan faster
Refinancing can help you save money and increase profitability in the long run with more favourable terms and interest rates. It can also help lower monthly repayments and improve your cash flow, or we can help you pay off the loan faster.

Cash out your equity
You can increase liquidity for investment, for business purposes such as buying equipment, to improve your cash flow, or to increase your personal wealth. Our top-tier panel of pre-qualified lenders can offer cash out for investment, renovations and repairs, or for payment of tax debt.

Debt consolidation
Roll up existing debts into a single loan with better interest rates and terms. This helps make debt repayment easier and more affordable through cheaper interest rates or flexible repayment options.

Increase Loan-to-Value Ratio (LVR)
Some lenders will allow you to borrow more against the value of a property, with better commercial terms and lower Interest Cover Ratios (ICR).

When can we provide refinancing or equity release?

Lending up to 75% of a property’s value
Creating working capital
Expanding operations
Purchasing new machinery or equipment
Purchasing commercial and residential real estate
Seeking better commercial terms

How can Wefund offer you a better deal with a non-bank lender?

Competitive rates and terms
We fund when the banks won’t. Through our pool of top-tier non-bank lenders, we offer highly competitive property and development finance rates that the banks no longer offer.

Faster application processing
By sidestepping the banks’ red tape, your application assessment is much faster. Our unique proprietary technology lets non-bank lenders review your credit application and provide transparent, approved terms in days, rather than months.

Lender competition
Most developers seek commercial loans with one of Australia’s four major banks. Due to this perceived lack of competition in the commercial finance market, many borrowers are simply unaware of other, better options.

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Refinance / Equity Release Terms


Up to 75%

Loan Amount

Up to $200m

Term Length

Up to 2 years

Special Conditions

Limited information requested to support the release of equity

Why use Wefund to refinance your loan?

We offer fast, transparent non-bank property and development finance through our pre-qualified pool of over 60 lenders.

We’ve reinvented the way property developers and business owners obtain construction finance. Our platform streamlines the lending process using the newest technology for quicker, more reliable, and secure construction funding. This process is based on a proven structure used by Australia’s best commercial brokers.

Wefund is more than just a technology platform, however. Our specialist team reviews and helps structure applications before they are presented to the most appropriate lenders on our platform. After reviewing all the information, lenders are then free to submit their terms to finance a deal.

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